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What is Defending Earth?

In this game, you have to save Earth from an asteroid storm. You will have a timer counting down when the storm will arrive. To protect Earth, you will use different weapons and tools. The game has different systems like shields, satellites, space ship, missiles and more. You can also play in different views like 3D, 2D and full screen. Try to do your best to protect Earth and achieve a high score for a great defense rating!

Upcoming Major Updates!

Developer To Do List of Major Features:

v 1.0 - Release supporting Apple iOS, Google Android, Bug Fixing, & more.

v 1.1 - Difficulty for Arcade Mode, multiple Military Bases, improving Tutorials, Bug Fixing, & more.

v 1.2 ( Current ) - PC/Mac/Linux Support with Steam Intergration, Double Click on Military Bases, Planet Selector when launching Satellite, Updated Options Panel, Interactive Panel in Satellite's Fullscreen View, Keyboard Shortcuts, & more.

v 1.3 - New Satellites, Improving Space Ship mechanics, Expanding 2D View, Optimizations, Anti-cheating methods, & more.

v 1.4 - More Sound Effects and Music, Controllable Human(s) addition to Military Base, Supporting more languages, & more.

v 1.5 - Multiplayer (including LAN/ Bluetooth and Host Server's), Leaderboards (on Supported Platforms), & more.

v 1.6 - Several game modes like Solo Mode (able to save and load), Space Ship Only, Satellites Only, The Giant, & more.

v 1.7 - Adding LOD, Procedural Generation to Planets, Deformative Damage to Planets, & more.

v 1.8 - Top Secret for now........

Our Library - Learn to Play

The calculation of your points in the game is based on the number of weapons you successfully launched into orbit (including your Space Ship and Military Bases), multiplied by the total number of asteroids you destroyed. If you are playing in Infinite Mode, the number of waves survived will not be considered. Additionally, the difficulty level set in the game will affect your score. If you choose Easy mode, your points will be halved. If you choose Hard mode, your points will be multiplied by 2. In Normal mode, your points will remain unchanged. Your Defense Rating is determined by considering your last 10 highest scores. Note: Achieving a high score is essential for increasing your Defense Rating.
The Perspectives:
The game offers three viewing options: 3D View, 2D View, and Fullscreen View. Our aim is to provide a unique experience to players by offering different perspectives while playing. Fullscreen View provides a First or Third Person view and is ideal for manually controlling satellites, missiles, and ships. 2D View offers a classic bird's-eye perspective, which allows players to see planets and asteroids from a distance and prioritize asteroid destruction by satellites. 3D View is the most feature-rich option, allowing players to purchase and launch weapons, upgrade systems, manage radar, and control shields. It's important to note that the game is still in its early development phase, and improvements and changes will be made in the future.
Defense Factory Store (the Shop):

The shop is a crucial feature of the game, as it is where you will purchase your satellites and space ship. The currency used in the shop can either be money or research points. Side A of the shop is where you will purchase all items, while Side B allows you to exchange your research points for money.


Note: The exchange rate for converting Research Points to Cash is approximately $7 to $9 million per Research Point.

Launching a Satellite:
When buying a satellite, you will be asked to choose a specific planet to launch to. By Default, every satellite will be automatically selected to orbit Earth but it can be easily changed when purchasing.

There are over a dozen different types of satellites available in the game. In 3D View, you will find a button labeled "Satellites" where all your launched satellites are listed with a unique ID and icon. By clicking on the icon, you can focus the camera view on the satellite to manually control it or make edits. In 2D View, you can enter a satellite's view by clicking on the satellite. The majority of satellites have a control panel in Fullscreen View that allows you to change settings.


Satellites range from weapons, such as the Dual Plasma satellite, which automatically or manually shoots plasma shots at asteroids, to support satellites like the Mobile Lab, which collects Research Points, and even satellites like the Gravity Modifier, which slows down incoming asteroids. This is where strategy comes into play. Do you want to buy and launch several plasma shooting satellites or invest in a Laser satellite and an Object Tracker satellite to unlock asteroid tracking, which will aid you when taking manual control in Fullscreen View and 2D View?

List of Satellites:
- Dual Plasma: Able to shoot 2 plasma shots at enemy targets. AI Auto Aim can be improved in the Upgrade Section for the Military Base.
- Quad Plasma: Able to shoot 4 plasma shots at enemy target. AI Auto Aim can be improved in the Upgrade Section for the Military Base.
- Energy Converter: Able to automatically convert Mined Energy to Shield Energy and vice versa. Enter the control panel in the satellites Fullscreen View. Tip: Have multiple Core and Asteroid Miners to help keep the Shield running nonstop.
- Object Tracker: Enables detailed tracking for Fullscreen and 2D View. Able to track the distance and direction of the asteroid.
- Mobile Lab: Automatically collects Research Points when available. Tip: Sell Research Points in Defense Factory (the Shop, side B)
- Core Miner: Collects energy from a Planet's or Moon's core to storage, destablizing the core in the process. Most Efficient: Mars.
- Core Stabilizer: Uses collected energy in storage to help stablize and repaire a destablizing core. Most Efficient: Earth.
- Gravity Modifier: Able to slow down the incoming asteroids. Each satellite adds more anti gravity particles.
- Asteroid Miner: Collects energy from asteroids to store and destroys the asteroids in the process.
- Missile Launcher: Automatically targeting and launching missiles from satellite, same damage as ground missiles.
- Heliobeam: Uses the Sun's energy as a energy source, reflects Sun's energy through a laser beam to be able to destroy asteroids.
- Red Laser: Has it's own energy source to be able to create a level 1 plasma laser beam to destroy asteroids.
- Blue Laser: Has it's own energy source to be able to create a level 2 plasma laser beam.
- Green Laser: Has it's own energy source to be able to create a level 3 plasma laser beam. Strongest.
Space Ship:
A minimum of one active military base is required to purchase a space ship, which is currently the only tool available to unlock other planets and fire weapon(s). The space ship features a dual plasma cannon and can move freely with its anti-gravity generator. However, overloading the engine should be avoided. The ship hanger is located within each active military base.
Military Base - Ground Missiles:
Missiles are launched from military bases. Depending on the size of the asteroid, two missiles may be necessary to destroy a large one, while a single missile is typically enough for a small asteroid. The missiles' range and reload time can be improved through upgrades in the Upgrade Panel.
Military Base - Control Panel:
3D View must be enabled to view the floating icon above the military base. The icon can be clicked to open the panel or double-clicking on a military base or asteroid will also bring up the options. These options include collecting research points or controlling the ground missile launch and its movement.
Note: it may be difficult to click the icon if it is too far away, but double-clicking the military base will also open the panel.
To improve your existing systems and weapons, clicking on Upgrade View in 3D View will allow you to do so. If the camera is focused on a Satellite and you open the upgrade panel, you can change the satellites orbit direction, speed and distance from the orbiting planet. If the camera is focused on any other planet including the Moon and Earth, it will show the upgrade panel for Earth and it's Military Base and the Shield control center on Earth.
Note: On the side bar of the Upgrade Panel, while on a Satellite, you have the option to Update Earth as well.
Protecting the Earth with a force field of energy is a very beautiful experience. When enabled, the shield has a limited supply of energy in storage, make sure to use it wisely. There are upgrades for the shield, for example there are recharging abilities and expanded storage. The Shield and Upgrade panel will be very handy in helping you reach a high score. A great tip is to always have a minimum of 1 Energy Converting Satellite helping you in filling up the Shield Energy Storage.
A tracking panel focused on Earth to locate your Space Ship, Satellites, Military Base, and Missiles. Upgrade it for a greater tracking distance and faster refresh rate.
A panel to allow you to switch the Camera Focus View between the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus. The sun will overheat your Space Ship engines and burn the Satellites.
Need more money? Sell the satellite for parts and destroy the rest. You will receive 30% of the original cost of the same satellite.
Statisitics View:
A panel on showing you every information that the game is collecting in your session currently. Monitor the game timer, money balance, shield energy storage, mined energy storage, defense rating, high score, Earth's health, total number of satellites, human population, asteroids destroyed, research points, and etc with more to come.
A contract will reward you with money and teach you how to complete your task step by step. Basically a mini tutorial to reward you with money in every game session in Arcade mode. When you play Defending Earth for the first time, the first contract will start for you automatically teaching you how to launch a Satellite. More contracts will continue to be added but currently 6 contracts exist in Arcade mode.
Fast Forward Button:
Pressing this button will obviously skip time by a factor 2x, if clicked again then a factor of 4x and if clicked once more then it is reseted back to a normal factor of 1x.
Opening and Closing Panels in game:
When you click a button to open a panel, you will see a line on top of the button showing that the panel is open and being displayed. If you click that button again, the panel will close and so will the indicating line.
Game Modes:
Currently, the only game modes available are.
- Arcade Mode with Infinite Waves. The game will continue until you lose or you quit the game. Also, until your computer or mobile device can handle the hundreds (even thousands) of asteroids being thrown at you.
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